Attendance and Punctuality Policy


We believe: Every pupil matters and has a fundamental right to be educated

§  Good attendance and punctuality are key to personal development, progression, learning and achievement

§  Parent/carers have a duty to ensure and encourage maximum attendance and punctual arrival at school and lessons

§  Teachers and Support Staff have a duty to monitor and encourage maximum attendance and punctual arrival at school and lessons

§  Teachers and Support Staff have a duty to record accurately and fully each pupil's attendance

We aim:

To structure the involvement of the Form Tutor, Assistant Headteachers, Welfare Manager and the School Liaison Officer in supporting maximum attendance and punctual arrival at school and lessons

§  To provide accurate statistics and to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the policy

§  To encourage the punctuality of individuals and to record and monitor lateness

§  To praise and reward full and improved attendance and punctuality


1.  Pupils must register at 8.50 am and 12.10 for KS3 and 9.00 for KS4. Failure to do so will result in them being marked absent or late.

2.  The deputy headteachers are responsible for registering pupils correctly using the appropriate code. They are also expected to follow up poor attendance and lateness with sanctions and emphasise the importance of regular attendance and punctuality to their pupils.

3. Form tutors, Teaching Assistants and management are responsible for monitoring pupil attendance and punctuality and for taking appropriate action where targets are not met. They should encourage, praise and reward full and improved attendance and punctuality.

4.  The Welfare Manager takes a lead role with regard to attendance. The Welfare Managerchecks attendance returns daily and contact parents/carers of absent pupils where the reason for the absence is not known as soon as possible on the same day but always within 3 days. They identify external truancy (post registration, on site, off site and school refusers). The Welfare Manager will also meet with parents/carers. Letters of warning to parents/carers are initiated by the Senior Manger.

5. Intervention meetings are regularly held with senior staff to discuss poor attendees and from this referrals are made to the Early Help Team.

6. The Pupil Welfare Manager is responsible for meeting with pupils who have problems, non-attendees and where appropriate makes home visits etc.

7.  TheSchool Liaison Officeris responsible for receiving appropriate referral forms and taking action where there are no improvements in attendance and punctuality. A penalty notice may be issued which could result in a fine. Failure to pay the fine could result in a court prosecution for a pupil’s non-attendance at school.

Monitoring and evaluation

The Senior Managers will monitor the effectiveness of the policy.


1. Pupils are expected to register at 8.50am and 12.10 (KS3) and 9.00 KS4

2. Pupils who arrive after registration has closed must register with the school office and are marked late. A note or telephone call should be received from parents/carers to explain the late arrival. Should no explanation be provided the Welfare Manager will take appropriate action.

3. Parents/carers are expected to telephone the school on the first day of absence and subsequent days thereafter who will then take appropriate action. When a pupil returns to school a note of explanation should be sent to the school who will amend the register.

4. If an absence is longer than two days then medical evidence will need to be provided.

5. Please be aware that since the change of regulations Sept 2013, the law regarding term-time pupil absences has changed. 

The new regulations state that "headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term-time unless there are "exceptional circumstances".